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Just out now from Smell the Stench records, new CDr limited to 50 copies, untitled release, untitled track, 100% HNW ! Just ask your copie or for trade!!!

new review of the split CDr with Dead Body Collection on Musique Machine:

Dead Body Collection/Ekunhaashaastaack - Split [Slow Death Records - 2011]

This Split brings together two near on forty minute slices of euro HNW matter. We have a track from highly prolific and ghoulish Serbian Dead Body Collection, and a track from relatively new French project Ekunhaashaastaack.

Up first we have Dead Body Collection’s track “Somnolence”, which finds this Serbian scene veteran boiling–up quite a textural varied and at times shifting slice of walled matter. As DBC fans know this project usually concentrates on thick, violent and mostly unchanging HNW, so this track is quite a departure for the project. The tracks first minute and a half finds DBC unfolding a thin yet grim sheen of ambient HNW crackling ‘n’ skip textured. After this fairly subtle intro a sludgy, muffled & morbid bass judder joins the ‘wall’, and things start to get a lot thicker and more pressing. As the track goes on the bass judder seems to get more sludgy, blurred, grey and nasty in it’s feel, as it seemingly starts to spread out and smear into the original stripped, crackling & skipping texture. At just before the twelve minute the ‘walls’ stripped down to a constant eerier radio like crackle, but by the thirteenth minute a cold and stretched machine like judder has been added to the ‘wall’- then the muffled bass texture comes back in seemingly suck all hope from the track. The rest of the track nicely alternates between long thicker drifts of thick wall matter that subtle shift textural layers from time to time, and shorter burst of thinned textural matter. So all in all “Somnolence” is quite a different and altering slice of walled matter from DBC, but it still captures the grim, morbid, ghoulish yet violent feel of the projects other work.

Up lastly of course we have the Ekunhaashaastaack track which is entitled “L'Homme En Noir”( roughly translated to The Man In Black). This track is a bit more straight forward slice of walled matter which finds this French project mixing together a battering and violent speaker tone juddering, with a descending, stark and thin bass throb. It’s certainly a very urgent, nasty and angered slice of walled matter which has quite a bleak and battering punk feel in it’s guts. The two elements mainly stay fairly firm in place though-out the track, though from time to time one or another element seems to get slight more pressing, urgent or billowing in it’s feel. All told “L'Homme En Noir” effective enough slice of angered and battering wall matter.

So to sum up- a great and quite different sounding and more texturally varied track from DBC, and an effective punked wall of noise from Ekunhaashaastaack.

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