Ekunhaashaastaack is the project of Varvaille, old member from noisecore band Vulgar Nausea, the project started back in 2005. After some years of hiatus, the project rise from hell in 2009! 
If you want to buy some shit just send an e-mail: ekunhaashaastaack@gmail.com 

- split CDr w/ GRINDER MAFIA
- split CDr w/ BARON BUM BLOOD
- split tape w/ FECALOVE
- s/t tape "Ekunhaashaastaack"
- 4 way split tape w/PIG MOLESTER/NxFxTxE/ROMPRAI ETRON
- split tape w/ FILTHY NOISE ORGASM
- split CDr w/ ANAL MASSAKER 
- "Action / Reaction" tape c20
- tape "ETRONHAASHAASTAACK" noise collaboration w/OMEGA-ETRON (DIY release)
- split tape w/ I DIED (Underground Pollution Records)
- split tape w/ ECOUTE LA MERDE (Underground Pollution Records)
- v/a "FILTH IS MY LIFE COMP. 1" tape (Filth Is My Life rec)
- split CDr w/ FUCK,THE RETARDED GIRLS  (netrelease:donwload )
- split double 3"CDr w/ SANAIR (Fragment Records)
- split CDr w/ AUTOCANCRENA (Scorze Produzioni Records)
- 4 way tape w/ R.L.N.F/KZ9/BUKKAKE VIOLENCE KOMMANDO (Filth Is My Life rec)
- split tape w/ BENOIT XVI (DIY release) 
- split CDr w/ ARCANO 18 (DIY release)
- 3 way split CDr w/ PLAYING WITH NUNS/TO-BO (ShitNoise Records SNR 013)
- split CDr w/ DMAH (Shitnoise Records SNR015)
- 3 way split CDr w/ TO-BO + PROBLEM ADERER LEUTE (ShitNoise Records SNR018)
- "Untitled tape C20 (selfreleased 09/2010)
- split tape w/ AGRESSION SONORE (Zombi Attack Records)
- 3 split CDr w/ PRIMORDIAL SOUND + J.O.C.P (DIY)
- split tape w/ MOSSY PUSSY (Zombi Attack records)

- "Bungalow 56" CDr collab w/SANAIR+ECOUTE LA MERDE+MORGANE DESBEET - (Fragments Records)  
- split CDr w/ GOD PUSSY (netrelease: :Download)
- split CDr w/ PLAYING WITH NUNS (netrelease: Download)
- split tape w/ VOMIR (Stockroom Records)
- split tape w/ TORBA (Underground Pollution records)
- split CDr w/ GRASSA DATO (DIY) 
- split w/ A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER (netrelease:Download
- split CDr w/ DEAD BODY COLECTION (Slow Death records)
- "Rectal Dance Machine" tape C40 with buttons (Stockroom Records) 
- "Untitled" CDr (Smell The Stench) 
- split 7"ep w/ TORTURING NURSE (multi labels)
- split CDr w/ TO-BO (Shit Noise Records) 
- 3 way split CDr w/ NOISE NASI & BAGMAN(Medical Malfunction records) 
- Untitled tape C60 (Lonktaar Records) 
- split tape w/ EGO GOD (Underground Pollution Records) 
- "Black Ruin of Murder"(netrelease: Datahex records)
- split tape w/ MOLTING C4O (Zombi Attac Records) 
- split 7"ep w/ PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE (Stockroom Records)
-4 way split CDr w/ CASPER DECKER & PAINBURN & TORTURE BORDER (Shitnoise Records SNR229) 
- V/A: Untergeschoss Compilation Vol.1 (Untergeschoss Records)
- splt CDr w/ TJERE (Untitled Production)
- split tape w/ BLACK LEATHER JESUS (Stockroom Records)
- tape "Live Collaboration with Ecoute La Merde" (Underground Pollution Records)
- split tape w/ REJET (Beartown Rercords)
- split CDr w/ Å (Les Disques du Grain)
- CDr "Magificient Torturer" (Stockroom Records)
- split pro CDr w/ DEVIATED SISTER TV (Murderabilia Records)